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Commercial Building Interior Painting

Commercial Painting

When it comes to commercial painting, we’ve got you covered! Our goal is to make your space look fantastic and stand the test of time. We’ll spruce up your interiors and exteriors. We’ll paint walls, ceilings, doors, window trim, siding, and more. Our team handles everything from minor touch-ups and surface preparation to applying one or more coats of paint.

But we don’t stop there. We can add special finishes, textures, and colors to give your property that extra wow factor. Need graffiti removal or protective sealing? We’ve got that covered too. As your premier Charleston painting contractors, we are here to deliver top-notch services tailored to your specific needs. Let’s make your space shine!


At Jones & Jones Painting, we understand that a fresh coat of paint can make a big difference in the learning environment for students. That’s why we offer top-quality painting services for schools in the Charleston area. We can revitalize a single classroom or undertake a comprehensive repainting project for an entire school building. Our team possesses the expertise and experience needed to deliver outstanding results. We understand the unique requirements of educational spaces. Our efficient and effective approach ensures minimal disruption to the learning environment.

School Painting Services
Apartment Painting Services

Apartment Complexes

As a property manager in Charleston, you understand the importance of maintaining an attractive apartment complex. How it attracts and retains tenants. We understand that too. We provide exceptional painting services for both the interior and exterior of your property. Refreshing common areas or updating individual units is part of what we do. Our team brings the experience and expertise needed to handle projects of any size. Trust us to enhance the appeal of your apartment complex and create a welcoming environment for your residents.

Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent in Charleston, you’re well aware that first impressions can make all the difference. Partner with us to ensure your listings leave a lasting impact on potential buyers. Our painting services are designed to elevate your properties, making them stand out.

Whether it’s staging homes for that perfect presentation or preparing for open houses, our team possesses the skills and experience needed to enhance the visual appeal of your listings. With our assistance, you can confidently market properties that sell quickly and command top dollar. Trust Jones & Jones Painting to be your partner in creating a positive and memorable impression for your real estate listings.

Government Painting Contracts

Government Contracts

We are proud to be a trusted and reliable source for top-quality painting services. We also extend our expertise to government contracts in Charleston. As Charleston Painting Contractors, we welcome collaborating with various government agencies. We can handle navigating the intricacies of the bidding process. Our commitment remains steadfast in delivering exceptional work that meets all necessary specifications and deadlines.

We enhance government facilities or can work on specialized projects. Our team is well-equipped to handle the unique requirements of government contracts. Count on Jones & Jones Painting to bring reliability, professionalism, and top-notch craftsmanship to every government project we undertake.

Interior & Exterior Wall Painting

We offer a wide range of services to meet all of your interior painting needs. Our offerings include expertly executed entire repaints, captivating accent walls, and meticulous trim work. At our core, we prioritize excellence. We utilize only the finest quality paints and advanced techniques. Our commitment is to deliver a flawless and enduring finished product that not only meets but exceeds your expectations for a stunning and enduring interior transformation.

Interior House Painter
Drywall Repair

Drywall Repair (Small)

Our painting services are designed to cater to all your needs, including drywall repair in Charleston, SC. We perform entire repaints creating captivating accent walls and are skilled at meticulous trim work. Our core focus is on delivering excellence. We employ only the highest quality paints and advanced techniques. We ensure that our commitment to perfection results in a flawless and enduring finished product. Trust us to not only meet but exceed your expectations for a stunning and long-lasting interior transformation. This includes top-notch drywall repair.

Our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. We ensure that your drywall needs are met with the utmost care and precision. From comprehensive interior painting services to specialized drywall repair in Charleston, SC. We prioritize excellence in every aspect. Don’t let unsightly drywall issues hinder your space any longer. Reach out today to schedule a consultation and allow us to expertly restore the beauty of your walls