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Ceiling Texture
Charleston, SC

Ceiling Texture for Residential

Transforming the ceilings in your home can dramatically change the ambiance of a room, adding character and depth that elevates the overall aesthetic. Jones & Jones offers specialized residential ceiling texture services that blend style and substance, providing you with a variety of techniques to choose from, each ensuring a unique and lasting impact on your space.

The Roller and Pan technique is a tried-and-true method that we employ to achieve an even and consistent texture. This approach utilizes a paint roller to apply the texture material smoothly across the ceiling, while a pan is strategically used to catch any excess, preventing drips and ensuring a clean application process. This method is perfect for those seeking a subtle yet impactful ceiling texture that enhances the room without overwhelming it. The uniformity of the roller application guarantees that the texture is consistent throughout, offering a cohesive and polished look.

For a more modern and sophisticated finish, the Spray Gun method is an excellent choice. We use advanced spray technology that allows for precise control over the texture’s application, with adjustable pressure and nozzle sizes to create a customized look. This method is ideal for achieving a variety of ceiling textures, from fine mists to heavier, more pronounced patterns. The spray gun method is particularly effective for larger areas, providing an efficient and even coverage that adds a contemporary flair. 

The Knockdown method is another innovative technique we offer, designed to create a distinctive and stylish texture. After the initial application of the texture material, a drywall knife is used to gently “knock down” the peaks, creating a subtle, mottled effect that adds depth and interest to the ceiling. This method is perfect for those looking to make a statement with their ceiling texture, offering a custom look that can range from subtle to dramatic, depending on the desired effect.


We understand that the application of residential ceiling texture is not just about the final look but also about the process. Our team takes meticulous care in ensuring precision and cleanliness throughout the application, from the initial coating to the final cleanup. We strive to provide a seamless and tidy experience, minimizing disruption and ensuring that your space is left clean and ready to enjoy. Choosing Jones & Jones for your ceiling texture services means entrusting your home to experts who are committed to delivering quality and satisfaction. Whether you prefer the even consistency of the Roller and Pan technique, the modern precision of the Spray Gun method, or the unique style of the Knockdown approach, our team is equipped to transform your ceilings with skill and care.

Textured ceilings can add a new dimension to your rooms, enhancing their visual appeal and character. With Jones & Jones, you have a partner who understands the importance of blending aesthetic preferences with technical expertise. We invite you to elevate your space with our residential ceiling texture services, where the beauty of your ceilings is limited only by your imagination. Trust us to bring your vision to life with a blend of style, precision, and enduring quality.